Trafficade's New Shoring Brand


Since the inception of Trafficade Services, Inc. in 1990, the company’s mission has been to provide our customers with prompt, dependable & friendly service in the work zone. Trafficade began in the business of traffic control and barricades, and has grown throughout the years to have 5 operating divisions working out of 6 branches throughout Arizona. One of those key divisions that Trafficade has been growing in is within the shoring industry.  So we are proud to say that the shoring division of Trafficade has grown to the point that we have decided to create its own brand – TRENCH-ADE.

TRENCH-ADE got its start by providing customers with steel plates and hydraulic shoring for their trenching needs. From these beginnings, more and more demand came from our customers to provide a larger array of products related to their shoring needs, and Trafficade was up for the challenge. For the past 14-years, Trafficade has been investing in equipment, personnel, trucks and a support team to exceed our customer’s needs in the trench. And again, with this expansion it has become time to make a name change for our full service shoring operation to TRENCH-ADE.


We only use the highest end products for our shoring services.

  • Aluminum Hydraulic Shoring
  • Aluminum Hydraulic Multi-Shores
  • Aluminum Build-A-Box
  • Steel Framed Aluminum Shields
  • Aluminum End Shores
  • Trench Shields
  • Manhole Boxes
  • Trench Box Accessories
  • Steel Crossing Plates
  • Concrete Barrier Wall
  • PDI Blocks
  • Blowers and Sifter Screens
  • Confined Space and Pipe Testing Equipment
  • Competent Person Training
  • Confined Space Training
  • Crane Truck or Flatbed Delivery Available

Competent Person and
Confined Space Training



We are a proud member of NAXSA